Ideas testing


Identify the ideas with the greatest potential, for which segments and how to improve them

Campaign effectiveness


Measure the brand impact of paid advertising and content and how to refine your messaging.

Product & Price optimisation


Forecast take-up of new products, changing existing product features and price movements


Marketing & Product teams

Working directly with companies requiring an end-to-end research solution on an ad hoc basis or in the form of periodic tracking


B2B suppliers (media, creative, strategy, analytics) requiring research for their client's problem or to validate their own pitch deck

SMEs & Entrepreneurs

Small to medium businesses, start-ups or entrepreneurs requiring a highly flexible service for issues that usually are not well defined

Key differences

Hybrid brand-sales measurement

A measurement approach which addresses both your short-term KPIs (e.g. visitation, sales) and long-term brand equity drivers.

Easy to iterate

Surveys and analyses can be re-run in a matter of days not weeks.

No 'fillers'

All superfluous elements are stripped out. Research is delivered to a high standard, on time and to budget.  


Test & Measure is a quantitative research and data business providing clear insights for key decision makers, managers, agencies and consultants faced with uncertainty as to the impact of their marketing and product ideas, messages and offers.


Its Founder and Principal, Eddy Hamad, has over 15 years of commercial experience in providing data-driven insights across a vast number of Australian industries, with a proven track record in identifying where to improve marketing and product strategies and tactics to positively impact on short-term and long-term KPIs.



Eddy has worked with both Australian blue chip and challenger brands and is happy to discuss specifics with you. He has conducted many research consultancy projects in the following sectors: Retail, Digital, Media, Tourism, Financial services, FMCG and Convenience, Real Estate and research with children.

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