Technical capabilities


Our Data Sources

Our primary data sources are surveys, rich text feedback systems, media and customer data. Our services are tailored to your needs, whether that might be a single project or tracking program.

Conventional Research

Questionnaire design

Data tabulation

Data analysis

Rim weighting


Price Sensitivity Meter

Explicit & Implicit Drivers

Regression analysis

Rich-text mining  

Decision trees

Path to purchase (SEMs)

Segmentation & Personas

Persona development

Clustering and Latent Class techniques

Psychographic, values, attitudinal, needs-based

Behavioural, cultural and demographical

Advertising Analytics

Optimisation of media spend in ATL/BTL (Econometrics)

Simulate interactions between brand equity, SEM and SEO

Experimental Designs

Max-Diff forced ranking

A/B testing

Choice modelling (Conjoint)

Pricing elasticity

Availability modelling 

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