About Eddy Hamad - Principal of Test & Measure

Eddy Hamad is the Founder and Principal of Test & Measure, bringing over 15 years of experience in commercial market research, data analytics and strategic insights.

Eddy's background includes roles as General Manager of Market Research and Media Analytics at Denstu Aegis Media, and in Marketing Science & Research teams at A C Nielsen and Ipsos. Eddy holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Sydney (B Sci. (Hons)). In 2015 Eddy forged his own path and entered the business world, putting years of knowledge and experience into practice.

Eddy has worked across most key industries in the private sector, helping companies see ‘through the fog’ and solve their most challenging strategic questions. With his extensive toolkit, wealth of experience and flexible approach, Eddy will tackle your business problems with passion.

Insights Philosophy

Think outcomes, not methods


Methods are only a means to an end. The insights delivered at the finished line is all that matters.

Validate everything


One approach might yield a different result to another, so cross-validation is important. Double and triple check your answers.

Agility with precision


Speed is important but so is data quality. A healthy balancing of the two is a more sensible position.

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